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Wedding Photography

When it comes to choosing a photographer to cover the big day every couple has different requirements. Likewise, every photographer works in a different way and records images in a different style. Before choosing your photographer you should look through their portfolios to see what they offer and whether their photographic style matches your requirements.

View my wedding gallery here.

My wedding photos mix reportage-style photos with both formal and informal portraits. For my reportage photos I work in a discreet, relaxed and unobtrusive manner, but capture all the defining moments of your day as well as the little things you may not even have noticed or remembered. For my more formal group portraits you can present me with a list of group photos required (couple, couple and parents, cousins etc) that is as short or long as you like. I will work through these in a fast and relaxed manner (if there are children present I’ll try and hold there attention through group photos by doing some magic tricks at the same time), so that you can get on with enjoying your day.

I enjoy the challenge of wedding photography with its mixture of both reportage and portrait style photography and the fact that I’m working in a fast changing situation where you have to be both flexible and unobtrusive in your approach. My aim is to present you with complete coverage of your big day with photos that portray all the fun and emotion of your wedding.

Portfolio Photography

Much of my portrait photography involves working outdoors using portable studio lighting in order to create unique, dramatically lit and memorable portraits. Whether you want to create a full modelling portfolio or merely a beautiful family portrait I can work with you to create a set of photographs that will stand out from the rest.

Where I work?

I’m based near Hossegor in the Les Landes region of France and am available for work throughout southwest France. For an additional fee I’m available to work throughout France, Spain and the UK. I can work in both French and English.

Please contact me for prices and to arrange an initial consultation.